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Cambridge is a small, vibrant city with 2,000 years of fascinating history. Medieval Cambridge was a wealthy town and an inland sea-port attracting traders from all over Europe. The University of Cambridge has a worldwide reputation. For over 800 years its scholars have influenced the world in science, philosophy, medicine, the arts and technology. Today, Cambridge is home to Europe’s largest technology cluster.

But there is so much more to this astonishing city.

Cambridge Market Square

A walking tour is the best way to experience this fascinating place, to feel its unique history and to connect with the stories that make it special.

The streets and squares of the historic city centre are packed with shops, colleges, pubs, churches, museums, restaurants and there is a daily open market.

Cambridge architecture

Many styles of architecture from the past thousand years are here to see; buildings of incredible splendour and size reflect the wealth and importance of their patrons alongside more humble homes and churches built for the ordinary townsfolk. 

Whether you’re
a visitor, or live
locally you will
see Cambridge
in a new light
King's College Cambridge

Another side of Cambridge is its natural beauty. A green city, where cattle graze near the river Cam as it flows past large parks and commons, under picturesque bridges and through the college gardens. Green, open spaces (pieces) in the city centre offer a place to play and relax. 

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